Chava Challenge

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Chava Challenge

Network Marketers and Work at Home Entrepreneurs Denis Foley and Carol Hansen wanted something to highlight one of the amazing products their network marketing company offers. Rather that try to recreate the company site, they wanted to focus on only the dark chocolate.

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  1. Hola Josh y todos!Thanks for the update.I am cunterrly freezing my butt off in Connecticut and dreaming of Mexico and riding with los NinjasEspecially the prospects of riding through the rain forests and temples on the way southI played percussion (congas) sitting in with the Ninjas on the first leg of their tour through New England but had to bail after Providence (no rig to bike on an carry my drums and wildcrafted jungle juices, etc.).I met them coming back from Denver where I marched with IVAW (Iraq Vets Against the War) and they played for the Critical Mass action/ concert outside the democratic convention.After 36 hours on the double decker Amtrak ride with the Ginger Ninja crew and listening to the brilliant songs written/sung by Kipchoge I was simply floored by the whole thing.I had not ridden a bike in almost twenty years since my last bike got stolen in the city where I lived and these guys inspired me both to ride and to promote what they do both the music and the nomadic environmental lifestyle and the whole concepts of the sheer windblown joy of sustainable self reliance on the road on two spinning wheels.It inspired me to write a piece, a song, called (Cara has) The Wind in Her Eyes which one day I hope to share with you all.My kids, Maia and Raphael, needed me at home and when the Ginger Ninjas rode off into the sunset leaving the East Coast, I went into a pretty serious funk.The joy of their magnifico magic of sound and energy left an indelible loving tint on my soul.My love and serious respect a todos on this shamanic journey!I am regrouping after a rough winter (I imagine we all are) and s time goes by I am looking at all the possibilities for the future for the Ginger Ninjas, for the dream of Kipchoge and all his allies, and for the VISION of a Pleasant Revolution!I am mostly writing (still working on my screenplay) and networking I actually met with Mylie Cyrus’s director for Disney, an old friend, who teaches film and is an A list director (Friends/Hannah Montana, among many other credits) who has agreed to be a creative consultant.An article based in part on an interview I did with the Smithsonian Magazine is being published the month (look for the March issue) on La Resistance against fascism and my Dad’s part in an underground railroad who saved artists like Marc Chagall as well as writers and musicians and many antiNazi and other Jews on Hitler’s most wanted list.Part of the reason I believe so much in Kipchoge’s vision, as well as the commitment of all of you, is because it was a karmic meeting for me on that train journey from Denver to NYC and the band was a complement to the concept of liberation angels who can rescue humanity which is so evident in the resistance to fascism in Europe and Latin America as well as in the relentless determination which makes the pleasant revolution so powerful and beautiful.So..Nice to make your acquaintance Josh and many hugs to all of you and to all who have the wind in their eyes!Paz y musico! Bill BinghamSalem ConnecticutAnd don’t forget to check out the Smithsonian Mag article (written by PBS contributor Peter Eisner who also interestingly did a book on Manuel Noriega after extensive interviews with him) if you see the March issue in your journeys or online any day now.Amor a todos!

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