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I get asked a LOT about my choices for tools, sites, home study courses and services.

For the first year or so, I just answered every question sent in, no matter who it was or where they were in their marketing career. It was a bit time consuming, to say the least.

So, the first *subdomain* I created for the domain, is Recommended.

Tools I use, services, software, websites, home study courses, MP3’s and DVD’s. If I have bought it or downloaded it to help with marketing, I will be placing a review about it.

You’ll know if I use it all the time, or installed it, tried it and hated it. You will get an honest assessment, either way.

So, when you are curious about a new tool, resource or software being offered, come check here first. If I have used it, you can read about it.

Click here to check out

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